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Check out the article about our annual Grizzly Bear Coulee Trail Ride!

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This year we have several club weekends planned to get out and learn with your long ear friend! There is no better time to join us and start learning and meeting friends (socially distanced of course) along the way!


2021 Events Calendar

April 23-25  Mane Event, Red Deer, AB - **CANCELLED DUE TO COVID**
April 25


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May 1 &2









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May 1 Bruce Pasture Fence Mending Work Party
July 23-25 Grizzly Bear Coulee Trail Ride and Obstacle Competition


Aug 14 & 15 Long Ears Days, Crosshair Springs


August 20-22 Cowboy Town Obstacle Competition- Ardmore, AB


*To participate in any Club endorsed events, The Club has a policy for expense allowance code and conduct. Click here for the ADMC Demo/Parade/Show Guidelines

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