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March 2023
Horse Expos and our AGM are fast approaching, come join us!

Time to Renew Your Membership!

Memberships run from Feb 1/23-Jan 31/24
**Those that previously purchased a 5 year membership, you are due to renew now**
Whether you are a competitive rider/handler/driver in any discipline, or someone who enjoys recreation and community events, we have a program for you! Earn points while you carry out your summer plans (or even add something to get a few extra points). High point winners will be acknowledged and rewarded with prizes! Check out the forms below. If you have any questions or would like to sign up please email us! You can also elect to sign up on our membership form, and send the additional fee with your dues. *Links are updated*

Horse Expos-Come Join Us!

*Volunteers Needed*
We are having a booth and doing demonstrations at both Everything Equine On The Border (Lloydminster) and Horse Expo Canada (Red Deer). If you are interested in helping with taking a shift at the booth or participating in our demos (with your equine or ground crew) please let us know! It is a terrific experience and you will have a great time! Mileage, hotel, and passes are compensated for! Email us or call Karina at 780-264-8057 to join!

2023 Events

Check our website and Facebook Group for events also!
April 14-16 2023- Everything Equine On The Border- Lloydminister
*ADMC Event
  • We will have a booth and provide demonstrations. If you are interested in helping please email us!
April 28-30 2023- Horse Expo Canada- Red Deer
*ADMC Event
  • We will have a booth and provide demonstrations. If you are interested in helping please email us!
  • **ANNUAL MEETING WILL BE HELD HERE** Will also be on zoom
May 7- Bruce Pasture Ride and Horn Search- Bruce, AB
  • Contact Russ at mules780@gmail.com for more information
May 19-28- Hummingbird Staging Area Ride
*ADMC Event
  • Come for any amount of time that works for you! Contact Keith at 403-843-3293
May 27 2023- Trick Training Clinic with Amanda Preston, Onoway, AB
*ADMC Event

May 28 2023- ADMC Fun Show, Onoway, AB
*ADMC Event

June 3/4- Amy Dorland Clinic-How to Talk to Your Horse/Mule- Blackfalds, AB
For more info click here

June 10- Spock Days Parade, Vulcan, AB- a group of ADMC members plan to attend. More more information click here. If you would like to join our crew (all are welcome!) contact Sandra at sandracalypso@icloud.com or 403-771-8014

July 29/30- Bruce Stampede, Bruce, AB
  • Mule Race, Parade, Pro Rodeo
Sept 8/9- Grizzly Bear Coulee Trail Ride, Wainwright, AB
  • Look at our website for photos from previous years!
  • Contact Russ at mules780@gmail.com for more info
Please email if you have any events you would like to see on the website and newsletters!

AGM April 29- Westerner Park

Location: Exhibitors Lounge in Westerner Park

Come enjoy the Horse Expo and stay for our AGM. If you can not attend in person, feel free to join on zoom

Zoom info:
Meeting ID: 850 3777 0114
Passcode: 120889
*Please make an effort to attend and have your voice heard on what the club can do to be of benefit for you!
*Elections will be taking place, if you would like to have your name put forward please email info@albertadonkeyandmule.ca

  • President- Sandra Harper- 2021-2023- Up For Election
  • Vice President- Erica Zacharuk- 2022-2024
  • Past President- Russ Shandro- 2021-2023- Term Done
  • Treasurer- Karina Trudel- 2022-2024
  • Secretary- Karina Trudel- 2021-2023- Up For Election
  • Director 1- Carol Koch- 2022-2024
  • Director 2- Melissa Glowinski- 2022-2024
  • Director 3- Rod Hunter- 2021-2023- Up For Election
  • Director 4- Louise Givens- 2022-2023 (finishing Erica Zacharuk’s term as she moved to VP)- Up For Election
Agenda to follow. Any questions please email info@albertadonkeyandmule.ca

ADMC Fun Weekend

Come join the fun May 27 and 28 at New Beginnings Equestrian Centre in Onoway, AB
ALL equines and handlers are welcome! This is a very fun and relaxed environment! Come learn and have FUN!
Click Here for Show Prize List
Any questions or to sign up please email us or call Karina at 780-264-8057

Mules in Mines- Story from History

As electricity came to the mines in Butte in 1915, mules were phased out. Miners were sorry to see them go as they added so much personality to the dangerous work. Hundreds of mules worked in miles of tunnels beneath Butte. Some mules loved the miners’ rough caresses and others would bite or kick and wanted no human attention. Every mule had its own personality and most had at least one miner who missed it when it went to mule heaven at the end of its long road. Take Kate – she was a kicker. No stall could be built around her that she wouldn’t destroy. She could kick any electric light hung within ten feet of her and when she needed new shoes, the blacksmith would not approach her until she was hog tied and strapped down. Then she would try to kick the shoes off, and sometimes did. Miners called her hind feet “sudden death” and “six months in the hospital,” respectively. Then there was Babe. Everyone loved Babe, one of the smartest mules to ever work in Butte. Babe loved tobacco. If she saw a miner smoking a pipe during lunch, she would stand close so she could inhale the smoke. Babe was never bridled and took verbal directions. But she complained with looks and groans if asked to pull more than four ore cars in a string. Sharkey was a thief who knew how to find the men’s lunch buckets. He would often sneak away and work the top off of some poor miner’s dinner pail. Mules went below loaded vertically on the hoist, head down. Once there, they never again saw the light of day until they retired — if they were lucky. We're not sure of the name of this mule working 1,100 feet undergrounds in the Rarus Mine in Butte. Also unknown are the names of the two miners. But judging by the looks on their faces, none of them are happy.
Norman Forsyth photo, circa 1910.

2023 Planning

Help plan 2023! We welcome ALL ideas- email anytime with thoughts or ideas. Thank you to those who filled out the survey. The results have already sparked the planning of a few events!

Saddle Up

Our club enters a monthly article in this great magazine. Remember to check it out (it is free online) If you have a story you would like to share about your long ears please email and we will get it published.


Our Facebook group is a great place to connect with other members. Sharing your adventures with your long ear, asking questions, posting good articles, sharing humor, etc... is what it is all about. If you haven't joined or shared much, start today!

Expense Compensation

Did you know you can apply for expense compensation for attending events and promoting your long ear?
Did you know you can organize a club event in your area?

Our club bylaws lay out our objectives as a club, and our casino funding help makes that happen. The executive wants as many members as possible to benefit from our casino funds, and to promote long ears.

Click Here for our bylaws and forms

**All funding must be applied for and approved by the executive PRIOR to submitting expenses**

Classified Ads

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