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December 2023 (oops!)
Late to the Party
There's definitely been a lengthy gap in writing and I offer my sincere apologies to all who look forward to regular ADMC updates. Technological challenges and full scheduled are to blame; however, we are back in action! How have you been?

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Melissa Glowinski and Jessica Rabbit, World Champions

The Alberta Donkey and Mule Club is very fortunate to have a local celebrity and WORLD CHAMPION in our membership. A very talented trainer, exceptional horsewoman and wonderful human being, Melissa Glowinski. Recently Melissa and her 8-year-old molly mule, Jessica Rabbit made the 40-hour drive south to Glenrose, Texas (south-west of Dallas) for the Extreme Cowboy Racing World Championships for the pair’s third time. This trip was special, though. For the first time, the organization has recognized the competitive application of the long-ear influence offering an open mule division.
Let’s back this story up a bit to when Melissa first saw pictures of a long-yearling baby Jessica Rabbit on a Facebook ad having been seized from a neglective situation. The molly had been foaled from an Arabian mare and orphaned before she was 3 months old. Melissa bought her sight unseen.
This was not her first encounter with a long ear, however. Most lucky children’s first riding animal is a pony or a horse. Not Melissa! Her first was a young, white, standard jack donkey named Snowball that she and her dad, Kent Maerz, trained together. Many lessons learned; the experience influenced Melissa’s interest in colt starting as she grew and trained more youngsters.
With an eye to colt-starting competition, Melissa asked the advice of Canadian horsemanship and training icon, Johnathan Field, his advice on how to best prepare herself to be successful in this genre. Since colt-starting competition focuses a lot of obstacles, Johnathan suggested she try Extreme Cowboy Racing. The sport has been around roughly 20+ years created by Craig Cameron, who wanted to encourage the versatility of the working horse in a competition for all ages, breeds and locations. Extreme cowboy is not like “trail”, it is about speed and confidence of a horse and rider pair working together through obstacles that can include moving cattle, roping, gates, side pass, jumping, moguls, crossing bridges and SO MUCH MORE!
Perhaps a half-Arabian mule is not the obvious choice to be successful in such a busy and full arena, but Jessica Rabbit has become very confident in Texas. Melissa shared that every run, Jessica Rabbit went into the arena feeling relaxed, confident and game to tackle all the obstacles. “I want to win, but I never want to win by sacrificing my animal.” Spending the season focusing on gaining Jessica Rabbit’s confidence with the extensive variety of obstacles they may encounter was obviously the right plan of action as they came out with the 2023 EXCA World Finals Open Mule Division CHAMPION!
So, what’s next for this exceptional trainer and rider? If you’re guessing it involves another mule, you’re right! Crosshairs Bomb Dot Com aka Halo is a molly Appaloosa mule who will make her futurity debut in 2024. While Melissa and Jessica have no plans on slowing down, they’re definitely having an influence on not only the sport of Extreme Cowboy Racing, but the local equestrian community. If you take a count of all the long ears at the facility where Melissa trains from, Sawatzky Equine Services, it’s remarkable how many you’ll find with aims to train not only in Extreme Cowboy Racing, but also English sports!
We wish Melissa and Jessica Rabbit more success in their future together and thank them for putting mules properly on the world stage as incredibly successful, capable partners.
Jessica Flying
Jessica Game Face

2024 Events

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April 26 - 28
*ADMC at Horse Expo Canada
  • Come join us in Red Deer and meet our fantastic long ears!
June 1/2
ADMC and Northern Lights ACDA Collaborative Show - Rich Valley, AB
Our annual long-ears show will be run in collaboration with the Northern Lights Chapter of the Alberta Carriage Driving Association for a 2-day driving + open show!
Prize list is currently under development. Sponsors and spectators welcome!

June 10- Spock Days Parade, Vulcan, AB- a group of ADMC members plan to attend. More more information click here. If you would like to join our crew (all are welcome!) contact Sandra at sandracalypso@icloud.com or 403-771-8014

July 27/28- Bruce Stampede, Bruce, AB
*ADMC Event
  • Mule Race, Parade, Pro Rodeo
Sept TBA- Grizzly Bear Coulee Trail Ride, Wainwright, AB
  • Look at our website for photos from previous years!
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AGM Update

Welcome to the 2023-24 Executive Team

  • President- Sandra Harper- 2025-2025
  • Vice President- Erica Zacharuk- 2022-2024
  • Treasurer- Karina Trudel- 2022-2024
  • Secretary- Amanda Enmark- 2023-2025
  • Director 1- Carol Koch- 2022-2024
  • Director 2- Melissa Glowinski- 2022-2024
  • Director 3- Anne Fossum- 2023-2025
  • Director 4- Louise Givens- 2022-2023

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ADMC Funded this visit!
Phillippe and his counterpart Jasmine visited the Westlock Continuing Care Centre as well as the Smithfield Lodge in spring of 2023. Phillippe is training to be a therapy animal. With the training comes the need for some special equipment. Cavello boots, the therapy animal harness and funding for transportation were all provided via ADMC funding process. And the smiles made it all worthwhile!

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