Alberta Donkey and Mule Club Newsletter

August 2021

We are open for summer! We hope our members have the opportunity to get out and about this summer!
Bruce Parade Winner


It is that time of year again! Please use the form below and submit your payment. We are now taking E-transfer to make the process easier!

Vegreville Parade and Seniors Home Visit

Four members and their long ear friends attended the Vegreville Parade. It was the longest parade route to date, as well as the one of the biggest turn outs for entries and spectators. Walter the goat along with Mama the chicken (pseudo long ears) were a big hit with the crowd. Following the parade the group headed over to a local seniors home and provided cheer for residents and staff alike.
Veh Sr
Veg sr2

Bruce Stampede Mule Race and Parade

Our members represented the long ears for their very own race at the Bruce Stampede! It was a big hit with the crowd, and fun was had by all! The following day the long ear crew did not disappoint either with their parade entries. Long ears took home ribbons and a trophy! Thank you all who came out and promoted our long ear friends!
Bruce Race
Bruce Parade
Burce 3
Burce 4
Buruce 2

Long Ear Days

Long Ears Poster
  • Feel free to save the image and distribute as far and wide as possible!
  • Sign up today, late entries welcome! Open to ALL equines and levels!
  • Looking for volunteers! Please email if you can help out
  • **Coggins NO long required!
With an unknown casino date our club has very limited finances. Our silent auction is a great way to help bring in revenue and have some fun. What will help make this successful is a wide array of items and the support of our community. Below is a link for a sponsorship letter to provide to businesses or organizations in hopes to get a donation towards our auction. All sponsors will be acknowledged and thanked.

    2021 Events

    Visit our website for other events of interest coming up! With COVID there is always uncertainty and possibility of short notice cancellation. Feel free to email us to add an event in your area!

    Horse Show Tips

    With our show coming up, here are some tips. What is MOST important at our show is FUN and learning!
    • Be clean and neat. You don’t have to have the super expensive outfit, just be clean and neat.
    • Be prepared. Good results don’t come from working with your equine once a month. Develop the relationship between you and your equine to its fullest. Your equine has to trust you before they can perform at your expected level.
    • Get there early. arriving late makes you in a rush and allows no time for you or your equine to adjust to their new surroundings. Equine also pick up on our energy, and if we are running around frantic, our equines will pick up on that. There can be enough nerves at a show as it is!
    • Measure your own performance prior to hearing the judge’s placement. A good judge will see good rides and will hopefully reward you for it, but remember judges are human too, and despite their best efforts, they may miss things. Be sure to evaluate your own performance and think of the judge to be an additional opinion
    • Be Kind there are many people and equines in various emotional states a show. Remember this, and always be kind!
    • SMILE! It is pretty cool to be out and about with your equine friend. Things may not go as expected or as hoped for, however just having as equine friend is a reason to smile. Remember smiles are contagious!

    Saddle Up Magazine

    Our club enters a monthly article in this great magazine. Remember to check it out (it is free online) If you have a story you would like to share about your long ears please email and we will get it published.

    Casino Update

    Due to COVID our casino dates have be pushed due to current closures. As a club we will have to keep this in mind as they are our primary source of funding

    Website Update

    • The website now has a "Links" section- feel free to suggest links that may be interesting to long ear fans
    • We have a section on the website called "Our Club In Action"- we would love to show off pictures/short blurbs of what you are doing with your long ears- whether it is at home or out and about. The facebook page gets these posts, and it would be great to get them on the website as well.
    • There is an "Upcoming Events" section- please let us know of any events that may be of interest to club members. Remember to check back for your own interest as well!

    Classified Ads

    ISO: halter breaking donkey for our purebred beef operation and I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. My criteria is as follows: traditional regular sized Jesus Donkey. Prefer under 5 years old halter broke, need not have experience with halter breaking cattle but a willing disposition is a must. No preference as to Jack or Jenny. We are located in the Peace Country but could travel to find the right Donkey. We had a breaking donkey for over 20!years and he was exceptional. The new hired hand will have big shoes to fill. Contact Beverly- milneb@outlook.com
    Standard donkey pair show harness and cart. Call Wendy at 403-556-0470

    Email Classifieds to: