Alberta Donkey and Mule Club Newsletter

April 2022
Volunteer at our Casino!
**Hotel, travel and meal at the casino is covered**
We still need 8 positions filled!
Email: mules780@gmail.com


It is that time of year again! Please use the form below and submit your payment. We are now taking E-transfer to make the process easier!

Whether you are a competitive rider/handler/driver in any discipline, or someone who enjoys recreation and community events, we have a program for you! Earn points while you carry out your summer plans (or even add something to get a few extra points). High point winners will be acknowledged and rewarded with prizes! Check out the forms below. If you have any questions or would like to sign up please email us! You can also elect to sign up on our membership form, and send the additional fee with your dues.

2022 Events

Check our website and Facebook Group for events also!
May 28/29
ADMC Fun Weekend in Onoway
28th- Clinic with Lavern Schmidt
29th- Open Fun Show
  • Clinic cost will be $95.00 which included lunch, snacks and drinks
  • Topic- General Horsemanship and Obstacles
  • Please email to sign up for the clinic!
    • Camping is free ($10.00 if power is needed), $10.00 for a pen if needed
    • This will be a great opportunity to get your long (or short) ear out this spring in a relaxed, fun, yet knowledgeable environment

September 24/25
ADMC Fun Weekend- in Didsbury
A weekend of riding, driving, obstacles, games and more!

**More play days in the works! Details will be out once finalized!

**If anything interests you, or you if you have any questions please email us!**

Please email if you have any events you would like to see on the website and newsletters!

Everything Equine On The Border Update

This was a HUGE success! Sandra and Calypso, along with Karina and Rosie provided two demonstrations for the public. Rosie also was the beacon that attracted everyone to our booth! We provided a lot on education, gained a couple of members, and were the talk of the town. A huge shoutout to Erica, Sandra, Barry, and Anna for all your hard work!
Lloyd Demo
Lloyd Booth
red carpet

Horse Expo Canada Update

This was another HUGE success! We had a very well diversified demo team which was VERY well organized by Melissa. Our team was made up of Linda and Rudi (therapy demo), Louise with Dixie and Lisa (driving), Sandra and Calypso (pattern/obstacle riding), Melissa and Jessica Rabbit (extreme cowboy racing), Jac Rabbit (yearling mule in hand), and Karina with Rosie (in-hand). This really showed the many things our long ear friends can do. We had a question and answer period after as well. On Saturday we filled the bleachers and had many standing to watch. A HUGE thank you to all of our team members, ground crew, and announcer! Videos can be found on our facebook group! Check them out!

We provided lots of education to the public, caught up with some of our old and existing members and gained a few too!

AGM Update

We had our AGM on April 16th! We apologize to anyone who tried to get on, we had some technical difficulties. Thank you everyone who did attend both in person and on zoom! The minutes will be sent out to all our current members.

We would like to introduce our executive for 2022
President- Sandra Harper (term up 2023)
Vice President- Erica Zacharuk (term up 2024)
Past President- Russ Shandro (term up 2023)
Treasurer- Karina Trudel (term up 2024)
Secretary- Karina Trudel (term up 2023)
Director- Carol Koch (term up 2024)
Director- Rod Hunter (term up 2023)
Director- Melissa Glowinski (term up 2024)
Director- Louise Givens (finishing Erica's term, as she moved to VP- term up 2023) Thank you to all of you! We are excited for the upcoming year!

Casino Update

We have a date! May 11 & 12 in Edmonton! We will need your help in volunteering to make this happen. These funds will allow group activities/insurance fees, etc... to happen for the next two years. Expenses will be covered. Please email if you can help out.


Spring is here! (well kind of haha). Many of us are starting to get out more with our equines. Here is a good article to ensure you have a good truck/trailer match, and helpful if you are in the market for either!
Click Here For Trailer Article

Saddle Up Magazine

Our club enters a monthly article in this great magazine. Remember to check it out (it is free online) If you have a story you would like to share about your long ears please email and we will get it published.

Website Update

  • The website now has a "Links" section- feel free to suggest links that may be interesting to long ear fans
  • We have a section on the website called "Our Club In Action"- we would love to show off pictures/short blurbs of what you are doing with your long ears- whether it is at home or out and about. The facebook page gets these posts, and it would be great to get them on the website as well.
  • There is an "Upcoming Events" section- please let us know of any events that may be of interest to club members. Remember to check back for your own interest as well!

Classified Ads

ISO: Mini Jack for breeding. Contact Deb Gray at: 306-830-7545
ISO: Mammoth Donkey- Contact Kristen at: kristenn.foreman@gmail.com
ISO: Trained guard Jenny. Contact Michalene Boulding at: 306-699-2421
ISO: 2 year old or younger mammoth donkey near Grand Prairie. Contant Trevor at:
Camptown Harness in excellent shape. Fits 13.2hh-15hh horse. Please contact suzannelegars@hotmail.com


Email Classifieds to: