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July 2022
Summer time is here!

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2022 Events

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July 30/31
Bruce Stampede Mule Race- July 30
Come race your mule! This event has been around for a very long time, and kicks off the local Bruce rodeo.
Bruce Stampede Parade- July 31
Come to watch or enter the parade! Always a good turn out of long ears here!
August 13/14
Grizzly Bear Coulee Trail Ride- Wainwright, AB
Contact Russ at mules780@gmail.com for information or to join!
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September 24/25 ADMC Fun Weekend- in Didsbury
A weekend of riding, driving, obstacles, games and more! Email us to join in!

**More play days in the works! Details will be out once finalized!
-Southern Alberta
-Lloydminster Area
-Trail Rides- Lac Sante, Grizzly Bear Coulee (Wainwright)

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Miniature Donkey Showcase- Calgary Stampede

There has been a Miniature Donkey Showcase or show at the Calgary Stampede for nearly 20 years now. They are a big hit (always in the top 5 of ALL Stampede when guests are polled). This provides such a great opportunity to educate the public on WHAT they are (not a horse with long ears like many think), as well as their versatility. They are there for 5 days, and give multiple demonstrations per day. The public is welcome and encouraged to visit them through the fence when they are not showing off their skills. A wide variety of animals are showcased- foals through adults with varying skill sets. The Stampede has an actual committee dedicated to this which is composed of many non-donkey owners who have fell in love and are a great advocate for them. Definitely check this out next year if you are at the Stampede!

Mules in History

One of the best-known mule teams in U.S. history was the 20-mule hitch that hauled borax out of the mines in Death Valley in the 1880s. Two teams, totaling 18 mules and two horses, were hitched to a wagon, forming a massive 100-foot-long train. There was no water along the path, so mule teams had to carry their own water on the trip. The combined weight of the heavy wagon, water, and borax was 36 tons. The 165-mile trip took 10 days one way, and traversed some pretty grueling terrain in temperatures reaching upward of 130 degrees Fahrenheit at times.

Turning and maneuvering such a long train required serious coordination. As the train of mules turned, the mules in the middle of the line would have to jump over the tow chain to avoid getting tangled or bumped as the wagon moved. Each pair of mules had a specific role in the complex turning process, and a specific moment at which to make its move; if the timing was off, it could cause serious injury.

In the six years the 20-mule teams were used — before they were replaced by a railroad — it’s estimated that they pulled some 20 million pounds of borax out of the desert. Not a single mule was lost during that time, a true testament to their hardiness. The 20 Mule Team trademark was first used in 1891, and remains on every box of 20 Mule Team borax today.

Source: https://www.grit.com/animals/livestock/equine/working-with-mules-zm018jfzgor/

Saddle Up

Our club enters a monthly article in this great magazine. Remember to check it out (it is free online) If you have a story you would like to share about your long ears please email and we will get it published.

Classified Ads

ISO: Mini Jack for breeding. Contact Deb Gray at: 306-830-7545
ISO: Mammoth Donkey- Contact Kristen at: kristenn.foreman@gmail.com
ISO: 2 year old or younger mammoth donkey near Grand Prairie. Contant Trevor at:
ISO: Trained guard Jenny. Contact Michalene Boulding at: 306-699-2421
Used Queen Valley Trail Lite mule saddle for sale; very comfortable with cushioned leather seat and skirts, cordura stirrup fenders and leather hooded stirrups. Front and back cinches. Great for mountain trails. 14.5" to 15" seat; fits narrow withered mule. Asking $800. Also selling 2 leather britchen, 1 u-shape leather breast collar, Diamond Wool Pressure Relief saddle pad and leather bridles and bits. Can text or email pics. Mule and rider retired; tack has lots of miles still left.Phone 780-696-3720
Camptown Harness in excellent shape. Fits 13.2hh-15hh horse. Please contact suzannelegars@hotmail.com


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